*Valid on dine-in, take-out, and online purchases.




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Eat Salsarita's and earn rewards! You'll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. When you reach 100 points, you'll receive $10 in rewards. Plus, you'll receive different rewards & offers as you dine or cater with us.
Download the Salsarita's app now or join online.
2. Do I need to be a rewards member to participate in Salsarita’s Rewards?
Yes, you must be a registered rewards member to participate in Salsarita’s Rewards. If you were a rewards member (or a Cantina Club member) prior to February 2019, you need to migrate your rewards account.
3. Do I need to download the app to be a rewards member?
Our app is the best way to experience Salsarita’s Rewards, however, you are not required to download the app. You can join and use the rewards program on our website at
4. Do all Salsarita’s locations participate in the rewards program?
Only a few Salsarita’s locations do not participate in the rewards program. These are typically non-traditional locations (located in shopping malls & airports, on corporate or college campuses). See restaurant for details.
5. Who has access to my information?
Salsarita’s will only have access to the information guests provide and will never share that information. We do not store user passwords.


1. What do I get for joining Salsarita’s Rewards?
You’ll receive a Free Combo Upgrade offer on your account after joining. Buy your favorite entrée, and we’ll throw in the chips, dip & a drink for FREE!
2. How do I become a rewards member?
By downloading the Salsarita’s app or joining online at
3. What if I’m already a rewards member?
Then you are that much closer to more rewards! When joining (either via the app or online), make sure you select that you need to migrate your existing account. All your existing points & rewards will be migrated over.
4. Can anyone become a rewards member?
Yes, everyone 13 years or older can be a rewards member.
5. Do I need to sign up through my Facebook account?
You are not required to join Salsarita’s Rewards via your Facebook account. This is just an option for guests.
6. If I sign up through Facebook, what information can Salsarita’s access?
We will have access your general information and the email address associated with your Facebook account.
7. Does it cost money to be a rewards member?
No, this is a free program.


1. How do I earn points from my purchases?
If you order online or through the Salsarita’s app while logged into your rewards account, you will automatically receive points from that purchase. In a restaurant, you will need to scan the QR code from your app at checkout. If the restaurant does not have a scanner, you can take the receipt and log it onto your account via the app or online.
2. What if I forget to enter a receipt on my account for points?
If you did not order online, through the app, or scan your QR code at checkout, you must enter your receipt for points. Receipts can only be added to your account for points within 7 days of your visit.
3. Will I earn points on catering orders?
Yes! You will automatically get 100 points each time you place a catering order.
4. Will I get points on gift card purchases?
No. The person you are purchasing the gift card for will receive the points when he/she redeems the gift card.
5. Do my points ever expire?
Yes. If your account is inactive and your points balance has not changed for one year, those points will reset to zero.
6. Do I get points for purchases I made before I joined the program?
If you were a rewards member or Cantina Club member prior to February 2019, all your points & rewards will migrate over. If you are a new member to Salsarita’s Rewards, you will start earning points after joining. Receipts from visits prior to your join date are not eligible for points.
7. How do I refer a friend? Do I get a reward for referring a friend to Salsarita’s Rewards?
Just have your friends enter your invite code when they join Salsarita’s Rewards. After they make their first purchase as a rewards member, we’ll load a Free Combo Upgrade offer on your account!


1. How do I redeem a reward?
Before you go to Salsarita’s, click “Redeem” from the REWARDS page and enter in how much you’d like to redeem. Then show the cashier your reward when you’re at the restaurant. If you’re placing an order through the app or online, rewards can be added at checkout. You can redeem rewards on anything at Salsarita’s (dine-in or catering), except to purchase alcohol or gift cards.
2. How will I know if I earned or received a reward?
You will receive a push notification through the app and/or an email depending on what notifications you signed up for.
3. Do I have to redeem all my rewards on one visit?
You can redeem up to $300 at one time. If you do not use up the full reward, the remaining reward will be added back to your account. Ex: if you activate a $10 reward but only spend $8, $2 in rewards will be put back on your account.
4. Do my rewards ever expire?
All rewards have an expiration date, so be sure you’re aware of what rewards you have and when they expire.
5. Can I redeem rewards on catering orders?
Yes! You can redeem up to $300 at one time towards a catering or dine-in order.
6. Do I get a reward on my birthday?
Yes! You will get your Birthday Burrito reward at the beginning of your birthday month which is valid the whole month. The reward is valid for one Free Entrée (choice of chicken, ground beef, pork or veggie).
7. Why didn’t I get my Birthday Burrito reward?
Birthday rewards are automatically issued to members that have made at least one purchase at Salsarita’s in the 12-month period between birthdays. If you have made a purchase between birthdays and still do not see your reward, please email
8. What if I joined Salsarita’s Rewards during my birthday month?
If you joined Salsarita’s Rewards during your birthday month, you will not receive your Birthday Burrito reward until the following year as long as you make at least one purchase at Salsarita’s beforehand. You will still receive your reward for joining the program.
9. What if I have rewards, but I don’t live near a Salsarita’s?
Whether you moved and are no longer near a Salsarita’s or your local Salsarita’s closed, we are unable to credit you for any unused rewards.


1. Can I have more than one rewards account?
Each guest can only have one Salsarita’s Rewards account.
2. What if I have a physical rewards card?
Our rewards system no longer requires or supports physical cards. Any points/rewards you may have accumulated are tied to your rewards account, not the actual rewards card.
3. What if I still have questions?
Please contact us at
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